The HansaFloß is intended to be a place where everyone feels comfortable. We are convinced that in order to turn this vision into reality, we need to take a close look at the society in which we live.

That’s why we’ve spent many hours sitting together reading, discussing, formulating, and listening to other people’s perspectives. We are far from being done with this, and we will not be and do not want to be. You can read what we have already captured here.

general Information About our Values

We create a space for political utopias, where transformative ideas can be realized on a small scale. We welcome all people and projects at HansaFloß who agree with our values (and who implement those values). 

In particular, we require an anti-discriminatory approch from organizers and we expect from HansaFloß visitors, a willingness to learn. We oppose right-wing extremist and authoritarian political stances.

Error Culture and Self-reflection

We acknowledge that we are all in a learning process and that we will make mistakes. We create a space where mistakes are addressed and criticism is welcome.

We practice radical self-criticism. We reflect on our privileges and remind ourselves of the need for self-reflection through visible cues. 

Discrimination and Empowerment

We are aware that forms of discrimination are intersectionally intertwined. We take experiences of discrimination seriously and do not discount them. In the event of discriminatory aggresion, we base our actions on the wishes of the person discriminated against.

We give marginalized perspectives a voice and make HansaFloß available as an event space.

We want to provide a safe space for people affected by discrimination to exchange ideas and experiences with each other.

We are aware of discrimination against FLINTA*(1) persons brought about by social structures and we see ourselves as an anti-discriminatory project.

Sexualized Assaults

We have zero tolerance for sexualized assaults of any kind.


We aim to have at least half of all positions and tasks at HansaFloß to be taken over by FLINTA* persons and thereby want explicitly to strengthen their self-confidence. We aim to represent HansaFloß to the public by at least 50% FLINTA* persons. We see to it that at least half of the invited speakers and artists are FLINTA* persons.

Approach to Social Norms

We have deliberated on sexist norms and expectations, and it is our intention to consciously question and work against them within our team. We want to give a voice to people who do not conform to societal norms and/or those who actively try to break taboos.

Gender-sensitive Language

We aim to be inclusive of all people in our use of language and to express ourselves accurately, for instance, by adopting self-designations of marginalized groups and by using gender-equitable language. In our public communications we use gender-equitable language.

Gender Identities 

We reject the binary division of gender into men and women and create a space for fluid gender identities.

We want to be able to welcome all people with and without disabilities (2) to events on and around HansaFloß.


We aim to make the HansaFloß raft accessible to all people. The needs of people with disabilities should be considered when accessing the raft itself and the upper deck, as well as the restroom.

Areas, hallways, doors, and furniture should be designed to accommodate people with and without disabilities.

Our construction capabilities are limited due to time and due to financial resources. In view of this, we strive to implement all accessibility measures to the best of our ability.

Communication / Social Media / Advertising

We aim to publish information about possible barriers (steps, size of the restroom, etc.) in order to facilitate access to the raft itself for people with disabilities.

It is our goal to make our content (online and offline) understandable for all people, by using simplified language and subtitles.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to share their perspective (analog or digital), to share criticism of our organization, and to make suggestions. 


We strive for barrier-free accessibility to all events. Through our infrastructure, we aim to ensure that all people can feel comfortable, participate, and feel safe, whether before, during, or after our events.

Our events are accompanied by an awareness team. In doing so, we strive to query support needs in a concrete and proactive manner. Our awareness concept will soon be available here.

The climate crisis is real. 

We are convinced that social change begins on a small scale, and we are aware of our global responsibility for people, animals, nature and the climate.

Nevertheless, we see the solution to the climate crisis in both political change and in an economic practice which is not based on consumption and growth. Therefore, we reject a sole transfer of responsibility to individual consumption decisions.

Construction and Operation

We want to build and operate the Hansafloß itself as sustainably as possible. In doing so, we take care to reduce our resource consumption and to keep our greenhouse gas emissions as low as possible. As an event space, we are aware of the environmental impact we create and therefore, to the best of our ability, try to avoid waste and to dispose of resulting waste properly.

Event Content

We would like to offer regular events on the topics of climate protection, climate justice and animal welfare. For this, we invite experts from these subject areas.

We do not invite people who deny the man-made climate crisis.

We do not invite and do not cooperate with, organizations or companies that are actively against climate protection. 

Emissions and impacts of the climate crisis are unequally distributed globally. That is why it is important to us to lay particular emphasis on the consequences of the climate crisis for people in the global south. 

 Food Policy

We strive to obtain food and other goods from regional, sustainable sources. This means

for us also to support Solidarity Projects as well as to generally refrain from using animal-based foodstuffs. 

For food needs at events, we would like to cooperate with local initiatives such as solidarity-based farms or food sharing. Moreover, we strive to use organic food. 

We recognize racism as a colonial continuity and as something structurally embedded in our society. Although we cannot make ourselves free of racist structures, we see ourselves as an anti-racist project.

We are aware of the seriousness and the physical and psychological consequences of everyday racism and microaggressions and try not to reproduce them.

We are aware that there is no positive racism, racism is racism.

Event Content

We would like to work with BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) self-organizations

and use HansaFloß online and offline as an amplifying platform for BIPoC voices. In working with BIPoC persons we assure fair, serious, and structural involvement and we are conscious of the dangers which tokenism brings.

We offer a space for educational work on anti-racism, postcolonialism and critical whiteness.

We create space to commemorate the victims and survivors of racist violence.

Racism at and on the HansaFloß

We strive to use anti-racist language and self-designations.

There is zero tolerance for racialized aggression of any kind. In the event of racial aggression, we will act in accordance with the wishes of the person discriminated against.

We are aware of the danger of racist police violence and the stress caused by police presence and thus try to protect BIPoC persons from it.




Mental Health




We will be adding all of the above terms here as we go. A great glossary explaining many of the terms, you can already find here: Glossary Queerulant_in.


1 FLINTA*: The term FLINTA* refers to lesbian, intersex, nonbinary, transsexual and agender people. In other words: all people who are discriminated against in patriarchy. FLINTA* explicitly includes lesbian women in order to advocate for more lesbian visibility. (read more)

2 We would like to make it clear  that people are not handicapped but are hindered by barriers in our society.(read more)

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